Student Loan Forgiveness, are you eligible?

Are you wondering how you will pay back your student loans? In this world, everyone hopes for the best but in most cases, the worse becomes inevitable. If you have been having difficulties in repaying your student loans, you must know today that there exist student loan forgiveness programs which you may qualify for. These student loan forgiveness programs can either pay off all or part of your student loans. The reason why you don’t have a thorough knowledge about these programs is that they are not highly publicized. Today, you will understand how you can wipe off a huge amount of money that you do owe the federal government.

First and foremost, it is best to understand that student loan forgiveness do varies depending on your occupation. For the purposes of clarity, this document is going to show you how this program is available to various people and occupation.


In the United States, the loan forgiveness program is able to repay up to a maximum of $17,500. This is only applicable if one is a teacher who is qualified. The program has been in existence since 1998. As a teacher, you must also be teaching a recognized secondary school teaching sciences or mathematics. Another option is to be a teacher who trains the disable persons.

Early Childhood Development

This is a student loan forgiveness program that was set up with the aim of retaining professionals who work in early childhood care centers. Here, an employee can be forgiven the entire loan. You qualify for this reprieving program if you have been working for at least 2 years full time and having a degree in early childhood development/education. The majority of kids that you teach should also come from families that earn less than what has been considered to be state median income for a household.

Enforcers of Law

If you have decided to help the government in serving and protecting the entire population, the government has something good for you. Depending on how you help the government in enforcing law and order, they have come up with rates of monthly repayment that could vary from one employee to another. In nearly every case, the government will consequently increase the rate of repaying your student loan as the year prolongs.

Armed Forces

This is another group of people whom the government rely a lot from them. The government appreciates the military and that is why they have a wide range of student loan forgiveness programs to choose. Those who are highly advantaged are the militaries who served before the September 11th attack. Anyway, even those who succeeded them do have attractive forgiveness programs.

Volunteer Workers

No matter the volunteering organization that you are serving like Peace Corps, you will always be eligible for student loans forgiveness programs. The amounts that may be wiped off do vary.


In US, people’s occupation is available in plenty hence the all list cannot be exhausted here. The best thing to do is to find out what programs are available for the job that you are doing. You might be surprised when you find that the government would have cleared your entire debt if you had applied for the program.

Applying for Loan Forgiveness